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High Glycemic and High Cephalic Foods & Beverages Increase Risk 
of Breast Cancer in Women

High Insulin Levels Increase 
Breast Cancer Risk

February 2009
Journal of the National Cancer Institute

High insulin levels have now been positively identified asincreasing the risk of breast cancer in women. 


In a very large study of 93,676 women, it was documented that high insulin levels correlated with the development of breast cancer. 


Researchers compared women with the lowest insulin levelsto women with high insulin levels, and concluded that:


“There is a positive association between insulin levels and risk for breast cancer.” 


Recommended actions in this trial focus on controlling and lowering insulin levels. The researchers stated that interventions that target insulin and its signaling pathways can help decrease breast cancer risk in women.


In normal non-diabetic women, insulin elevation is caused by ingesting high glycemic and/or High-Cephalic (insulin stimulating) foods and beverages. 


In type 2 diabetic women, insulin levels are over-elevated, causing weight gain and higher risk for breast cancer, cardiovascular and other diseases. Type 2 diabetics who consume High Glycemic and/or High-Cephalic (insulin stimulating) foods or beverages further aggravate and increase already high insulin levels.


Pre-diabetes, insulin-resistance, and other glycemic-related conditions are manifested by elevated insulin levels, which also greatly increases risk of breast cancer in women.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2009;101:48-60

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