United States 
Department of Agriculture

Announces Project 
to Develop Low
Glycemic Snacks and 
Low Glycemic 

Research Project: Protein-Enriched Low Glycemic Snack Products That Mitigate Childhood Obesity and Hidden Hunger 


Location: Dairy Processing and Products Research


Project Number: 1935-41000-065-03 
Start Date: Oct 01, 2004 
End Date: Sep 30, 2007 


To develop health enhancing snack products, using extrusion technology, that includes whey proteins and low-glycemic starches such as cassava, cashew pulp, and barley as alternate sources of starch. 


Low glycemic starches such as cassava, cashew pulp, and barley, obtained from Brazil, will be extruded in the Dairy Processing and Products Research Unit's pilot plant facility. The process and product variables will be characterized to establish their specific textural properties. Further analyses, including nutritional and sensory, will determine product quality and acceptance. 



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