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IRB Approved Human In Vivo Clinical Trials


Build reliable knowledge and provide scientific explanations that can be used to make informed decisions in creating food and beverages in humans. 

Taking the Science High-ground

Observing the directive in bad science: "Misdirected science dissolves away upon analysis."

-Neil deGrasse Tyson

Following a systematic methodology based on evidence.

Rely heavily on Occam's Razor and Avogadro's Number in overcoming conjecture in science

(This data serves well

in Molar and Molecular Mass, Quantum Biochemistry, and Nutritional


Be open to new scientific breakthroughs and examine the possibilities that benefit mankind. 


Examine prior research (such as NIH) before making a final decision or conclusion: Examine back-up science.

Social responsibility in food and beverage applications: Do No Harm.

Apply quantum physics and Max Planck Institute's data before coming to any conclusions: Food and beverage intake is based on a closed-loop system via the Gut-Brain Axis (which rules the Human Machine), and the universe according to Einstein.

Be able to explain in detail the

mechanism in which your product provides benefits to the human race. 

Law Books

Published Vs. Unpublished Clinical Trials

The Glycemic Research Institute® is under strict contractual obligations with their clients, which includes not publishing their clinical trials.


Our global clients have the legal right to be ensured that their clinical trials are not avaliable to the public.


GRI clients additionally have the option of having their clinical trials published in a journal or other public arena. In certain circumstances, the client will allow GRI to publish their trials at this website.


According to the legal rules and regulations that define IP and trade secrets, these contracts include the protection of our clients' IP (clinical trials).

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