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Glycemic Research Institute

U.S. Government Accredited Certification Organization





Test Food (s) submitted to Glycemic Research Institute are limited to:

  • Foods

  • Beverages

  • Nutraceuticals

  • Pharmaceuticals (orally ingested)

The client assures that the Tes/Food submitted is safe and appropriate for use for human consumption, and that the label claims (provided with submission of the Test Food), are accurate. In the event that a client submits a Test Food (s) that has an inaccurate or false label or ingredient panel (or submission document), and/or; In the event the Test Food (s) cause harm or side effects to the Human In Vivo Clinical Trial subjects, the client will be held legally responsible, and GRI/GT will be obligated to warn the public of said dangers, in any manner so chosen by GRI/GRL, and to alert appropriate government agencies, including the FDA, FTC, Media, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


If a Test Food (s) submitted by a client elicits a negative health response during a Human In Vivo Clinical Trial, the GRI/GT assigned physician overseeing the trial can elect to halt the trial, and report the incident to the appropriate government agencies. Further, GRI/GRL can elect to report said incidences to any government authority and/or Media, to alert the public of the potential and/or real dangers of ingesting the Test Food, and to ban and Delist the Test Food (s) from any further trial, and to post said warning and Delisting on any GRI/GT website.


In the event that the client submits a Test Food under false pretenses, including providing false information about the Test Food and its ingredients or potential side effects, whether provided to GRI/GT via phone, documents, conversations, etc., the client will be held legally responsible for harming and/or causing side effects in the Human In Vivo Clinical Trial subjects, and liable for any legal actions and subsequent financial liabilities taken against GRI/GT by the trial subjects.


In the event of any legal issues between the client and GRI and/or GT and/or Glycemic Solutions, the legal Venue will be limited to Pinellas County, State of Florida.


The client hereby accepts these terms, guidelines, and responsibilities as stated herein (in this document):


Name of Company Submitting Test Food


Address of Company Submitting Test Food


Client Printed Name (Corporate Executive)


Client Signature

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