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Glycemic Identity Marks (GIM)

GIM is a glycemic and metabolic impact claim validation labeling system for food and beverage companies who seek to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by building trust and adding value to their consumers' health and shopping experience.

What is a Glycemic Identity Mark?

A Symbol Of Quality, Commitment, and Integrity.

The Glycemic Identity Mark (GIM) is a symbol of quality and integrity for consumable products. It is valued by manufactures, retailers, and consumers. Having a GIM symbol on a product's label validates its claim and that the product has been independently evaluated and inspected by the industry's most trusted Scientific Advisory Board with over 30 years of Glycemic Index and Science Of Sweetness expertise - that products evaluated and tested conform to the strict quality certification standards of Glycemic Research Institute   . 

Product(s) Evaluated by Scientific Advisory Board for Claim & Quality Assurance

Certification Standard Report With Evaluation Results Is Generated

Glycemic Identity Marks on Products as a Symbol of Claim & Quality Assurance

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What Does the Glycemic Identity Mark (GIM) Mean?

A Glycemic Identity Mark (GIM) confirms and assures that:


  • Product claims have been independently tested, analyzed and evaluated by our Science Advisory Board with over 30 years of experience in the science of sweeteness, the glycemic index and that claims adhere to specifications of the Glycemic Research Institute   .

  • Products been independently tested, analyzed and evaluated of foods and beverages, nutritional and nutraceutical products, supplements, educational data (brochures, etc,) functional foods and beverages, sugars, sweeteners, carbohydrates, juice and juice extracts, glycoside sweeteners to determine conformity with Glycemic Research Institute     certification standards.

  • Shows consumers that manufactures and retailers are dedicated to quality, health, and compliance.

  • Offers manufactures and retailers a competitive advantage to the marketplace by differentiating their organization’s commitment to quality, integrity, and compliance.

  • Choosing healthier options is easier for consumers by having a GIM symbol on product labels.

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Glycemic Identity Mark (GIM) Application Request

For more information on GIM, utilization of Sweet Plant Glycosides in Foods & Beverage, including Legal Claims and the certification process, please submit the form below. We look forward hearing from you!

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