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Metabolic Thermodynamics

Science Yields Success and Growth in the field of
"Beverage Energetics"

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Blood Sugar

High blood glucose levels store fat and High Glycemic beverages or foods elevate glycemic levels in the blood.

Down-Regulating Fat-Storage

Specific Low Glycemic compounds can be designed which reduce fat-storage by reducing LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase), the “Gatekeeper for Fat-Storage in the Fat Cell.”

Inducing Thermogenesis

Fat-burning can be triggered to a high elevation of thermogenesis.

Human In Vivo Clinical Trials

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The Glycemic Research Institute® has conducted decades of Human In Vivo Clinical trials in order to identify the specific mechanisms in humans that elevate LPL and induce fat-storage in adipose tissue fat. This research has led to breakthrough science in which fat-storing can be downregulated and, at the same time, fat-burning can be triggered to a high elevation of thermogenesis (U.S. Patent received).

This proprietary IP/Trade Secret mechanism (per legal definition-Harvard Law School) was formulated and patented, and designing by utilizing edible natural plant-based biomolecules (GRAS status/see MSDS) that are Low Glycemic and provide a fat-burning (thermogenic) molecular GRI Cue-Matrix for the Gut-Brain Axis, which can be added to beverages, including coffee, tea, and energy drinks.

Proven Market Success

This unique and patented technology was featured on the front page of the Wall Street journal and named “Breakthrough Product of the Year” by Success magazine, generating millions of dollars.

One of our clients generated $ 65 million dollars in 4.5 years by adding this GRI Cue-Matrix to coffee and tea.

Another of our clients generated $ 300 million dollars in

sales utilizing the GRI

Cue-Matrix during the first year they sold the product

(validation upon request) in beverages.

Metabolic Thermodynamics

Diet-Induced Thermogenesis Certification Mark

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