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°Bx (Brix) represents the degree of sweetness and level of sugars in consumable products.  At °Bx GLYCEMIC IMPACT℠ ,

a sister company of Glycemic Research Institute®, we focus on the impact on sugars to the body and underlying mechanisms

for optimal health and performance. With over 30 years of experience, we are proud to serve clients with a collaborative and trusted clinical testing certification granting clients an associated proof of integrity Brix-Certified seal upon review and approval.

At, °Bx GLYCEMIC IMPACT℠ , we help clients create and/or re-formulate any edible product by providing independent investigations and verification in order to identify the Blood-Sugar & Metabolic Impact of a Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical,

Food or Beverage, Sugar, Sweetener &Bio-Sweetener for claims and FDA CFR21 label substantiation.

Having a °Bx GLYCEMIC IMPACT℠ (The Science of Sweetness) Brix-Certified Brix-Certified seal on your product(s) label is proof to your consumers that you care about health, quality and ingredient integrity; a valuable nutritional-impact identification.  As a result, helps you improve market share and consumer loyalty..  

Our team welcomes you to learn more about °Bx GLYCEMIC IMPACT℠, The Science of Sweetness, and instructions how to submit your product(s) for certification! Please click on the button below.

The Science of Sweetness

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