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Sports Performance


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Point 1

High blood glucose levels store fat and High Glycemic beverages or foods elevate glycemic levels in the blood.

Point 2

Specific Low Glycemic compounds can be designed which reduce fat-storage by reducing LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase), the “Gatekeeper for Fat-Storage in the Fat Cell.”

Point 3

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Human In Vivo Clinical Trials

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The Glycemic Research Institute® has conducted decades of Human In Vivo Clinical trials in order to identify the specific mechanisms in humans that elevate LPL and induce fat-storage in adipose tissue fat. This research has led to breakthrough science in which fat-storing can be downregulated and, at the same time, fat-burning can be triggered to a high elevation of thermogenesis (U.S. Patent received).

This proprietary IP/Trade Secret mechanism (per legal definition-Harvard Law School) was formulated and patented, and designing by utilizing edible natural plant-based biomolecules (GRAS status/see MSDS) that are Low Glycemic and provide a fat-burning (thermogenic) molecular Cue-Maxtrix for the Gut-Brain Axis, which can be added to beverages, including coffee, tea, and energy drinks

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